Monday, March 3, 2008

Location + emotion: SMS writing

At the end of the first class I asked everyone to go to a place in the Uni where they'd had a strong experience or emotion; and then send an SMS describing where they were, what they could see, and relating the memory . Here is what came through...your vivid experiences of location and emotion.


Main entrance to the tower building, standing outside looking at the banners that say "federal government rates UTS as one of the best". I remember having an argument with people from the socialist alliance stall. I argued that there would not be a revolution until they changed their PR approach.


Building 6. cafe. Red plastic chairs. Square pool of sunlight. Smell of cigarette smoke and the sound of high pitched chatting. Its the place where the boy that wasn't my boyfriend told me he was in love with me.


Glasshouse Bar. I can see leather/vinyl couches filled with (mainly first year) students. I remember when the couches were older and eclectic, coming here with my new uni friends at the tender age of 17. Though not my first time drinking underage, it was my first time drinking underage where they actually checked id. I've never felt so old and so young at the same time since.


I am in the lift at the end of Bon Marche. Today all i see is myself, reflected thrice in the mirrored walls. I remember once taking the lift to level 5 when just as the doors were about to close a hand appeared and my tutor stepped in. he broke the awkward silence on the way up with 'i like your top'.


Oh, the stairwell on level 5. I'm feeling dizzy. I can see the street outside, i can see all the way down. I knew i should've taken the lift.


I'm in building 6, level 3. I remember a few people clutching timetables looking at doors. I had to look for a ceretain number 28. I think i walked around in a circle before i realised i passed the two big lecture doors twice...